7 Wedding Reception Dresses That Are Made in Heaven to Suit Any Style

Wedding Reception Dresses

Have you selected what dress you are going to wear on your wedding? Is it the dress of your dreams? I bet it is! Are you looking for wedding reception dresses that are as beautiful as your wedding dress to make you look like a princess on your special day? Here Bridepanda present to you some of the best dresses that can reflect your personality and woo your guests at the same time.

Matching Wedding Style to Wedding Reception Dresses

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The first thing you need to decide is what the theme of your wedding is. Are you having a backyard wedding? Is the wedding reception going to be on a beach? Have you booked a hotel for your wedding? Is it going to happen on a historic site?

Moreover, you need to see if the wedding is a summer wedding or a winter wedding. You have to see if you are going for a rustic wedding or a lavish one.

When you have decided on the theme and venue, it would give you an idea about the type of dress you can wear to your wedding reception. Sometimes, you don’t want to buy two different dresses and that’s okay, but most brides like to buy two sets of dresses, one for the wedding, which is usually very extravagant, and the other for the reception, which is a bit lighter. Although this is the norm, not every bride wants a light reception dress.

Dresses for a Laidback Personality

Are you the type of person who has a laidback personality? Do you think that after an extravagant wedding dress, you need to wear something simple yet beautiful for the reception? If you fall into this category, the following dresses are made specifically for you.

  1. A dress with a lightweight fabric. This should be chosen if you want more movability so that you can meet all your guests without feeling like the dress is weighing you down. Add a little glitter for the details to glam it up a bit. The dress that falls under this category could be Tonia by Dynasty London.
  2. A vintage dress with a tight bodice and a skirt that flows down to the ankles. If the wedding is in the summer, keep the dress sleeveless and the colors should be nudes or other lighter hues. Charisse from Dynasty London would be a perfect match for this type of dress.
  3. An empire lining that is relaxed with lots of gold detailing is what you need for a wedding reception dress. Keep it sleeveless with a light-colored, knee-length or full-length skirt. An example of such a type of dress would be the Dakota made by Dynasty London.

You can accessorize it by using jewelry that is on the simpler side. Go for lighter makeup that only brings out your natural beauty, flowery purses, and flat sandals. This would complete your laidback look.

Dresses for a Flirty Personality

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Traditional dresses are cool and all, but sometimes you want to be a little rebellious and do something that people do not see usually. This can be done if you choose cute short dresses with the appropriate accessories.

  1. You could get a short dress with no sleeves and a skirt that goes to your knees which is flared in such a way that it would allow you to twirl all night long. Essie by Forever Unique is something similar with a dark, flowery bodice and a light pink skirt that brings out the flower detailing even more.
  2. If you are the kind of person who wants to amalgamate traditional with flirty, Seraphina by Monsoon is the kind of dress that you are looking for. The neckline and sleeves are made from a lace-like fabric, while the rest of the dress stops around the mid-thighs. The fabric is really simple but gives off a comfortable look.
  3. If you are into a party look, look no further because Izzy by Rent Rock Return is the kind of dress that you have been looking for. Like both dresses discussed above, it too stops at the mid-thigh. The dress has silver intricate details that are even more visible because of the light gold fabric used. Another positive aspect is that Rent Rock Return gives dresses on rent so that you can wear it as your wedding reception dress and then return it. It would cost a lot less than if you buy the dress. Moreover, you won’t have to buy two different dresses for your wedding.
  4. Sonia H’s white lace dress is another short dress that is simple yet elegant. Even if it is incredibly stylish, it is very comfy to wear for your reception when you have to dance and walk a lot to meet your guests. The dress is a good one for partying and would be perfect for your reception.

Go with paler accessories with these dresses. A light pink purse and baby pink bracelet would do wonders to enhance your looks. The makeup is supposed to be light too, but you can go for a little bolder pink lip gloss or lipstick with these dresses.

What You Need to Know

wedding reception bridal dressesThis is a small “need to know” section where Bridepanda talk about the type of dress that is going to flatter your body

  • If you want to make your legs look longer than they actually are, you need to go for dresses with an empire line.
  • If you want to look a little wider, you should go with horizontal lines. To look taller, vertical lines are recommended.
  • If you have a short waist, you need not worry as you can wear drop waist gowns which would compensate for it.

Choose a dress that you love at first sight rather than something that is “in” at that time. These fashions come and go, but you would remember your wedding details for a very long time. Choose something that you would be comfortable wearing as you have to wear it for quite a few hours and have to mingle with people in it too.

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