How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Ring Sets

wedding ring sets

Before you say, “I do,” you have to go through a lot of planning and arrangements to make your day perfect. One such arrangement is a wedding ring. It will not be only worn on the wedding day but will be with you your entire life. Thus, it is necessary to spend some time and do a little research to buy the best wedding ring sets for your special day. Bridepanda will guide for those who are going to get engaged or married in sometime.

Wedding Ring Sets Buying Rules

wedding ring sets for him and her

1. Narrow Down Your Choices

When it comes to jewelry, everyone has a different choice. Some people prefer a big and bold look, while others love to wear delicate and intricate accessories. Whether you love gemstones, diamond, gold, or platinum, just shortlist the items according to your preference.

Do you want a simple ring or one that is embellished? Will you prefer a colored gemstone or a colorless one? Do you want a ring with nothing on the top? These questions will make the task simpler as they will help you choose the perfect ring for you and your partner. Also, consider how you can match your ring with your partner’s.

2. Do Some Research

After you’ve narrowed down your choices, your next task is to head to the jewelry shop. Some people just go and buy one, but you should give ample time to this research process. Give yourself around one to two months for this research and selection process so that you can know about the latest trends and other details regarding the selection of rings. If you need a customized ring, you’ll have to take even more time because some manufacturers take time for engraving and other processes.

3. Check the Size

Choosing the right ring for your finger is very important, and the first step is to choose a ring with an accurate size. Some people want to wear their wedding ring all the time and ignore the fact that their finger is going to swell as time will pass. People go through various changes in their lives such as summer, winter, pregnancy, exercise, and other factors that temporarily contract or expand the fingers.

Hence, to get the right size for your finger, you must try a ring on when you’re in a relaxed mood and your body is at a normal temperature. Make sure that you don’t try a ring in the morning as your body retains water, after exercising as it can cause the fingers to swell, or when your body temperature is too high or low.

4. Check the Quality and Material

The quality of the ring plays an important role in its beauty and style. Some rings have gemstones and diamonds, while others are made up of gold, platinum, or silver.

Unique Wedding Ring SetsGold is also available in two qualities: yellow and white. Yellow gold ring is perfect for those brides who like traditional jewelry, while white gold can complement the groom’s ring well. White gold wedding ring sets are often paired with rhodium as it improves the appearance by giving a shine to the metal. A 22ct gold ring is not suitable to be worn every day and if you want something to wear daily, you should consider going for a 18ct or 14ct gold ring.

Platinum is another metal that is considered very precious and is quite popular among couples. Platinum is a white colored metal and is very durable. People choose this metal for their wedding rings because it can withstand the wear and tear of daily use. The good thing is that this metal remains unmarked for years, which is why it is expensive.

A platinum ring is much more expensive than gold and silver. If platinum is too expensive for you, you can go for a palladium wedding ring. Palladium looks similar to platinum and is available with an affordable price tag.

Titanium is another modern metal used in jewelry. It has a different and unique color as compared to palladium, platinum, and gold. One benefit of this metal is that it is very light and is perfect for daily wear. The metal is also scratch resistant and thus, you can wear it while performing home chores as well.

Other metals used for manufacturing rings are zirconium, tungsten carbide, and black zirconium.

5. Consider the Shape

Once you’ve chosen the best metal for your ring, you now have to consider the shape of the ring. Also, you need to consider that you are buying wedding ring sets, so the rings should go well with each other. You may not have considered such details before, but a wedding ring is an important thing and should be carefully evaluated before buying. Do you want a fitted or curved wedding ring? Do you want something with a new design such as a Z-shape or any other design at the top? Whatever you want, you must consider the overall ring profile.

6. Matching Ring for Couples


wedding ring sets his and hers

If you like to match everything with your partner, a good idea is to buy wedding rings that complement each other. If you both are professional people, you should consider buying a simple and sleek ring with just a diamond on the top. An artist couple should consider buying wedding ring sets with colored gemstones such as purple sapphires on one ring and a Mexican black opal on the other.

Bottom Line

Wedding ring sets play an important role in the preparation of a wedding, and one should buy them after doing thorough research and evaluation. Various factors such as those discussed above should be considered so that you both can cherish the ring sets forever in your life.

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