The Most Luxurious Pink Wedding Dresses to Make You Look Like a Princess

pink wedding dress

Sometimes, traditional wedding gowns look too mainstream and many girls want something unique and different from others. You don’t have to worry if you’re one such bride-to-be, as there are a lot of options for a unique wedding gown. No matter which shade of pink you admire, you will be able to get your hands on it. Hence, if you want to break the tradition, here is a list of the best pink wedding dresses for you:

Alexia V1339 – Ivoire by Kitty Chen

Alexia V1339 – Ivoire by Kitty Chen - Pink Wedding DressThe Ivoire by Kitty Chen collection consists of a variety of pink and pastel shades to meet your requirements. However, Alexia V1339 is a classic one and is perfect to give the ‘pretty in pink’ look to the bride. It is a glamorous gown, and the top portion is heavily embroidered. The bodice will shine and sparkle as you move around, and it will give a perfect and unique look. The gown has a wide-spread bottom and is made up of net to give a princess look to the bride. The bottom is kept simple and the top is embroidered beautifully. Overall, the dress is very elegant and is a perfect one to choose for your big day.

Ruffled Skirt by Leanne Marshall

Ruffled Skirt Pink Wedding DressThis trendy pink wedding gown has been chosen from ‘A Modern Pink Wedding at Upper Crust in New York.’ The gown has been designed by Leanne Marshall and looks absolutely stunning because of its trendy and stylish design. This dress was worn by Cecilia, whose favorite color is pink, and the designer Leanne Marshall designed it for her. The bottom of the dress is full of frills overlapping each other in a unique style. Overall, the dress is simple as it isn’t embroidered at all but still looks very luxurious. If you want to break the tradition too, you can try this one and set an example.

Morilee 1825

Morilee 1825 Pink Wedding DressThis is a bold and bright pink wedding dress and is perfect for you if you want to have a remarkable visual impact on your friends and family on your wedding day. The dress is from the Morilee collection and is designed by Madeline Gardener. The dress has embroidered patterns on the neck and waist. It is slim-fit to the waist and then the gown starts expanding. It is made up of net material, and the lining is pure satin. The dress is thus a ‘fit and flare,’ type and the layers of frills coming down to the bottom are just beautiful.

Martina Liana 607

Martina Liana 607 Pink Wedding DressIf you don’t want a classic gown and want something sparkling and cool, you must try this pink wedding dress by Martina Liana. The dress has detailed shoulder straps, and the waist belt is also embroidered. The dress is covered with frills and ruffled hems that give a beautiful look to it. This beautiful pink dress will showcase your body, and the keyhole back will add to its glamor. If you want a glamorous and unique look, you must try this beautiful pink gown and make your wedding day special.

Vintage Lace by Lace Loft

Vintage Lace Pink Wedding DressVintage Lace has been designed by Lace Loft and was worn at a modern rustic wedding at the Bauer in Kansas City. This dress is quite a simple and elegant one and if you love the look of a lace, you’ll love this dress. Some ladies don’t like to look too caked up and want something that matches their personality. This pink dress is backless and is tied with a silk ribbon at the waist to give a slim fit. The dress has a full length and doesn’t flare up at the bottom. It does not have an A-line style either. The dress is perfect for you if you are one who likes soft tones and simple dresses and don’t want to appear like a makeup queen.

Emma – Rose Couture

Rose Couture Pink Wedding DressThis is the perfect pink wedding dress with a sparkling bodice. This dress is not too fancy and is a simple and decent one. You can go for this pink gown if you want a change from the traditional look and want to appear stylish yet elegant on your big day. There is a silky slash near the waist, and the embroidered bodice goes well with the gown. The dress is a strapless and sleeveless one as most brides prefer this style. The dress has a full length, and the pink color is a natural and real one as compared to the soft pastel shades.

Shiny Sequins by Hayley Paige

Shiny Sequins Pink DressDo you want to glow and shine on your wedding day? This pink wedding dress is full of shiny sequins and is perfect for those who want a glamorous look. The sleeves are see-through and are very neatly embroidered with sequins throughout their length. The bodice and bottom are full of sequins too, which gives an amazing sparkling look to the whole gown. This gown has been designed by Hayley Paige and is an absolute stunner. The bottom flares up and the sequins are present on it in extending patterns.

Bottom Line

A pink wedding dress can make you a trend setter and is perfect for you if you want to take a break from the typical traditional look. You can also design a pink theme for the wedding day and ask the groom to complement your gown. Using other things such as cakes, accessories, wedding yard signs, and other items related to the pink theme will make your event even more beautiful and remarkable and will make your wedding stand out.

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