Top 5 Tips to Plan an Outdoor Wedding Reception

outdoor wedding reception

Ballroom wedding receptions are fun, but they are usually not as close to the bride and groom’s personality than a wedding that was planned with a personal touch. The best and most beautiful example of this is an outdoor wedding reception. These receptions are usually planned in the backyard of the couple’s house. All the furniture that is present in the reception gives off a homey feel and welcoming vibes.

outdoor wedding reception ideasHowever, while planning an outdoor wedding reception, some issues can arise. The solution to such issues and tips are provided for you to aid in the smooth planning of the reception. Moreover, Bridepanda will discuss the advantages of having an outdoor wedding reception.

Legal Formalities

When you need to have a wedding or reception in a certain area, you need to get all the legal formalities done with. Make sure that you try getting the permit for the place of your reception at least a month before. Moreover, all states have some policies that are solely for the state, so make sure you have researched these policies extensively for the state your wedding will be held in so that the whole reception goes smoothly.

Sunset Wedding Reception

Sunset Wedding Reception

The idea of a reception where the guests get to see the sunset is simply splendid. However, for this, you have to plan it flawlessly. If the wedding is in the evening so that the sunset can be seen, you time it in such a way that the view is actually visible for them. The seats should be facing the direction of the sun.

If you are going to have a wedding reception in the morning or afternoon, remember that the sun would be a beast at that time. Do not forget to have some kind of shade. Moreover, the seats should be facing away from the sun so that it would be at their back and not glaring at their face.

Bugs Being a Pain

If you are going to have an outdoor wedding reception, be prepared for an onslaught of bugs from mosquitos to flies and other types of insects found in the grass and plants.

To stay away from this problem, go for pest control just a day before wedding reception or the morning of the reception. Furthermore, go for the bug candles that are available in the market. The candles would not only create a beautiful scenery but also solve the bug problem at hand.

Droolworthy Menu Choices

Before choosing what to serve your guests, look at the type of weather that will exist during your reception.

outdoor wedding menu ideas

If you are going for a summer or spring wedding reception, steer clear of any heavy food. Don’t serve seafood or mayo and dairy products to your guest in that season. Since the rest of the time would be spent dancing and mingling with people, a sick guest wouldn’t be able to have fun.

If you are going to have a wedding reception in the winter, go for soups and the likes as appetizers. Seafood and other hot food items should also be added to the menu.

A winter dessert can be a rich chocolate cake, while ice creams should be added to the menu in summer receptions.

If you are going to have a wedding planner, they could give you some great advice about what to add to the menu. You can also get help by asking caterers about their suggestions and advice.

Comfortable Guests Are Happy Guests

unique outdoor wedding reception

You can, to a great degree, tell what the weather is going to be like on the day of your wedding reception. Even if you can’t tell perfectly, you can guess since a wedding reception in the summers would have a hot weather, while winter wedding receptions are going to be cold.

As much as you like a particular weather and want to have your special day during that weather, think of the dozens and hundreds of guests you are going to invite. Don’t let them melt in the heat or freeze to death in the extremely cold weather. You need to plan things accordingly.

If extreme weather is forecasted, try to install appliances that might help make the reception not only bearable but also enjoyable. Moreover, you should provide seats to the guests as standing on a grassy land for an extended period of time would make the heels of their shoes sink in.

Winter Outdoor Wedding Reception

  • Have outdoor heaters installed in the backyard or wherever you are planning to have your reception
  • If possible, provide your guests with tea, coffee, or some other hot beverage so that they can keep themselves warm during the whole time.
  • Provide blankets or something similar if you can to make the guest comfortable.

Summer Outdoor Wedding Reception

  • Have marquee or something similar available both during the wedding and the reception which is going to save the guests from heat, sun rays, and even rain.
  • Have fans installed all around the venue to relieve the guest from the
  • Provide cold water to the guest in case of very hot water.

It is a smart move to always be prepared with backup plans. If you want to keep the reception without any shades, it is totally up to you, but it is important that you keep a marquee or gazebo at hand so that if it starts raining or if the temperature gets unbearably hot, you can erect one of these in a short amount of time. You can also book an indoor place so that if you have any problem, you can take the wedding reception indoors.

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