5 Wedding Ideas for Summer That Would Make You Swoon

wedding ideas for summer

A wedding is a very special occasion for the bride, groom and their families and is completely unforgettable. This is the reason why they want to outdo themselves and make it as memorable as possible. Some like their weddings to be completely extravagant with all the things that are in fashion at that time. Some like weddings that are simple with a touch of their personality.

For these people, weddings are very personal and that is the reason why they want to include their personal touch to it. This can be through the tables and chairs used, be it the tablecloth, cushions, the dresses that the bride, groom, groomsmen, and bridesmaids wear, or the food that is provided to the guests.

Here we look at 5 wedding ideas for summer that future brides, grooms and their families can use. Bridepanda would also give some ideas to people who want to enter into the business of boutiques and think that their niche is going to be wedding clothes.

Know What’s In and What’s Not

Usually, there is always one idea or another that people like a lot in a wedding and share with their friends. It might be the décor of the wedding that is being liked or the location where the wedding took place. It can be the clothes they wore or the music that was played during the wedding. All the details of these trending weddings would give ideas that can be incorporated into your own wedding to keep it up to date rather than something that is out of fashion.

Rustic Summer Weddings

Rustic Summer Weddings Design

As summer is one of the most popular seasons for weddings, sunflowers and rustic weddings come into fashion too. Rustic weddings are simply splendid not because they are extravagant but because they give off a homey feel with their simple décor and color palette. All of the furniture and other decoration stuff like a chandelier, chairs, tables, utensils and other such pieces could be chosen such that they give off rustic vibes.

These things are usually made by the families themselves like flower vases form jars available at home or table clothes that are painted or prepared by the families. The dress for the bride is usually simple and beautiful as well. The same goes for bridesmaids who would wear simple clothes to create a rustic atmosphere. A very good example of the dress can be a beautiful summer dress that is light and elegant.

Wedding Cakes

Rustic Summer Weddings DesignI’m sure we have all heard and seen naked cakes in weddings, but unfortunately, they are going out of fashion this year. In their place are the multiple-tiered cakes from the top of which the icing is dripping and the cake is covered with tiny intricate decoration pieces.

The cakes can be given their own personal touches too. I have seen fans of different books, movies or TV series have their cakes fashioned in a way that represents their own fandom which, to be honest, is quite impressive as they are showing their love for each other and their love for their fandom, which could even hold a special meaning for the bride and groom.

Wedding Food

Summer means light food, and this principle can be applied to weddings as well. You do not want to have food that would make your guests sick as they have the whole day of festivity ahead of them. What we would recommend is to go with something that is really light like tacos or mini sliders. Those of you who are really health conscious can go for pastas, steaks, and rice.

When it is time for dessert, rich decadent cakes, ice-creams, popsicles, shaved ice or gelato would work best. This would cool everyone off after an intense wedding. Make these desserts as colorful as you can, and you have for yourself a beautiful range of desserts.

Wedding Dresses

Usually, in weddings that happen during the colder months, the bride has to wear clothes that are a bit warmer with maybe a jacket. This is not the case with summer weddings. The bride has the freedom to wear whatever she wants. She can wear a knee-length summer dress, a long maxi dress which is sleeveless, princess-like wedding dress with puffy sleeves or a dress with a tight bodice that flares around the waist and down to the knee or ankle.

There are so many ideas that would make brides-to-be go gaga over them. All these ideas with proper details should be looked into, from the fabric used to the embroidery done and the train that is used with it, before selecting that perfect dress for your perfect day.

wedding dress for summer

Moreover, the bridesmaids should not be forgotten and should be provided with dresses that would suit them and complement the bride on the couple’s big day. Hence, these should be somewhat similar to the brides and the theme that is being followed in the wedding.

Your Own Wedding Dress Business

This section is for someone who has a knack for designing beautiful dresses and would be willing to open up their own business that would showcase their wedding dress designs for summer weddings. If you are one such person, you should know what would be required from you to be in such a business and what kind of material would you be asked to have.

Only ideas for dresses won’t be enough to start a new venture. You should know how much investment you would have to put in it, which isn’t a small amount as wedding dresses aren’t made from just simple fabric. You should also know what customers would require from you with their constant demands and strict and demanding deadlines. You would also have to know what the current trends are in the fashion industry with regard to wedding dresses so that you can meet the demands head on and come up with designs that would satisfy the taste of your customers.

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