8 Things You Can Put in Wedding Gift Bags

wedding gift bags

There is more to a wedding than cake and gowns. As the host of the event, it is your responsibility to ensure that your guests have almost as great of a time as the bride and groom. You can do so by taking care of the little things like providing them with cute wedding gift bags.

There is more to the job than merely picking wedding gift bags. You need to decide what you will fill it with. Bridepanda will help you make the perfect wedding gift bags. Here are some of the essentials you will require.

1. Creative Tote Wedding Gift Bags

personalized wedding gift bagsYour wedding gift bags should be spacious enough to ensure that all the other essentials fit into them comfortably. Meanwhile, they also must be easy to carry. A tote bag allows you to achieve this combination.

A canvas tote bag can also be used after the wedding. Bridepanda are sure your guests will appreciate a gift they can make use of after the wedding.

To unleash your inner creativity, splash this canvas tote bag with a design which matches the theme of the wedding. Are you having a fun outdoor wedding? You can opt for a bright colored bag or one which exhibits a flowery theme. Do you wish for sophistication? Maybe you should try having a single colored canvas.

Moreover, you can make it personal by customizing the bags to spell out the name of your guests. Or give your wedding a cool nickname and use its hashtag on the bag. The possibilities are endless.

2. Put in the Much-Needed Snacks

The whole point of giving your guests wedding gift bags is to provide them all the essentials that might make their stay as comfortable as possible. One of the many needed items is snacks. You don’t want them to go looking for the minibar or the kitchen whenever hunger strikes them.

Instead, provide them all on their table. Fill the bags with snacks, both sweet and savory, that will keep them satisfied for the time being. Make sure you put the location you are at to good use. Everyone wishes to taste the food of the place they are at. Therefore, ensure that you add the infamous sweets and snacks of the location your wedding is at.

3. Keep Them Hydrated

Some of your guests might have traveled a long way to get to your wedding. They deserve a drink or two. No, we are not talking about wine. By drinks, we mean water. Your guests need to stay hydrated and the best way to guarantee that they are never left thirsty is to accompany their tote bags with bottles of water.

Don’t limit yourself to plain water. Add juices, coconut water or any other drink that speaks volumes about the heritage of the location as well as the theme of your wedding.

4. A Wedding Itinerary Is a Must

creative wedding itineraryYou don’t want your special day to get ruined because of clueless guests, now, would you? Even if you provided them with an itinerary via your website or with the wedding invitations, the chances of them having it on the day of the event are slim.

Take matters in your hands. Print all the wedding details and provide your guests with an itinerary. This will guarantee that they are aware of the timings and locations of the various events. You can add details like dress codes and your contact information as well.

5. Print a Local Map

If your guests are flying in from different locations over the weekend for the wedding celebration, they will have enough time to go sightseeing or explore the city. Think about how you can make such an adventure convenient for them.

One way to do so is by providing them with a local map so that they can choose shops, monuments, and restaurants to visit without having the fear of getting lost. Mark the items that reflect the heritage of the place so that your guests can make their adventure meaningful and holistic.

6. Souvenirs

wedding gift ideasWhat are wedding gift bags without memorable souvenirs? After all, you want your friends and family to take back something that reminds them of your day. What you choose to give as a souvenir is up to you.

You can either opt for sweets or treats wrapped in customized packaging, or you can provide them with an accessory that serves as a reminder of the day.

7. Hangover Saviors

When there is a wedding, there are hungover guests. Let’s face it, most people will get too drunk that even the thought of walking in a straight line will seem like an impossible task for them. However, once the sun rises and the next day begins, all of these people will be looking for relief from the hangover.

Ensure that their wedding gift bags are their saviors. Equip them with headache medicine, Advil packets or any other pain relief medicine. If you have the budget, put these things in a cute little satchel so that they are easy to find.

8. Personalize It with a Thank-You Note

Let your guests know that you appreciate their presence. Pen down a quick note expressing your gratitude. This note can be either handwritten or printed. Those of you who like to go the extra mile can write personal notes for everyone.

Keep it short but sweet. Remember, you have other things to do along with writing notes. Keep it as succinct yet heartfelt as possible.

wedding gift bags ideas


There are various ways you can fill wedding gift bags to convert them into a package of happiness and convenience. Remember, it is the little things that matter.

Provide your guests with everything they require and personalize the wedding gift bags as per your desire. Strive for perfection is everything, yet don’t forget to take a step back and take it all in. This day will never come back.

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