The Wedding Cake Toppers That Will Make Your Wedding Special

Every bride and groom wish that their wedding day would reek of perfection and that everyone who is a part of this occasion would be able to feel the excitement. Hence, they endeavor to ensure that every aspect of the wedding is an epitome of perfection. A great of focus is on the wedding cake which is considered to be an integral part of the wedding ceremony.

As important as it is to make it certain that the wedding cake is a beautiful piece of art, quite a bit of attention needs to be paid to wedding cake toppers as well. There are ample design options that you have when it comes to wedding cake toppers, and you need to make sure that the one you select would enhance the beauty of the cake to a large extent.

Wedding cake toppers provide the couple with an opportunity to make it clear as to what their wedding theme revolves around.

The Types of Cake Toppers You Can Opt For

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To make sure that the right decision is made, the first thing that needs to be done is being aware of your options. Gone are the days when there were only limited traditional options. These days, you are given the freedom to be as creative as you like, thereby ensuring that you get the chance to select a topper which would be unique and complement the couple’s personality.

There are various styles that you can opt for depending on your preference. There are various factors that you ought to pay heed to as well including the theme, season and type of the cake. The easiest approach is to opt for a cake topper which would be in accordance with your wedding theme. Let Bridepanda now take a look at the types of options you have.


This is what you can call a traditional choice for wedding cake toppers, where the bride and groom figurines are dressed in their traditional outfits. These days, people ensure that the figurines bear a close similarity to the couple’s looks and race. It is not difficult to find such figurines and on the whole, you will find this to be a fairly inexpensive option.

Ordering custom figurines is also an option, but that would require more time and money. For this, the couple needs to provide the baker with their digital picture along with any other request that they might have. For instance, a couple with a passion for flying might want a topper which would reflect that.


Sometimes, couples prefer to keep things simple in which case putting a combination of initials in the form of a monogram is also an option. The fonts depend on your choice, but it is always a good idea to opt for something simple since it makes the monogram legible. Choices ranging from something mild to wild are available.


wedding cut cakeWhat can be more romantic than a wedding where people come together to be bound for eternity in a life of love and commitment? So, why should the same romantic feeling not be visible in your wedding cake topper? You can have the traditional symbols depicting romance as your wedding cake toppers, which could be anything from floral arrangements to chocolates and wedding bells.


Some people like to keep things light and humorous in which case you can opt for a funny cake topper. Animal figures or cartoon characters can prove to be quite a suitable in this case.


If the couple has a quirky personality, they would want to reflect it in their wedding cake as well. A wedding cake topper can provide an insight into their hobby which could be playing video games, indulging in something serious or perhaps watching horror movies.


You can have just about anything for your wedding cake topper, and it is entirely up to you as to what you want it to look like. There is no reason to make any sort of compromises. Schedule a meeting with artisans and let your imagination run wild.

Making the Right Selection

What is important is to make sure that you make the right selection for your cake topper. You would not want the look of your cake to be spoiled owing to it. Therefore, while making the selection, you need to make sure that the cake echoes your personality while at the same time ensuring that it complements the cake. You would not want the topper to overpower the cake.

wedding cakes toppersOne option that you have is to compile all your orders and have a preliminary sketch drawn so that the vendors can have a clear idea of what you want. It is also important to be open to ideas and acquire input from the bakers. They have been in this line for ages and, thus, would be able to guide you as to what would work. Brainstorming sessions with these people can provide you with the inspiration that you need.

Furthermore, the choice is not all about the design. The construction warrants attention as well. For instance, you can opt for either edible cake toppers or the non-edible ones. The edible toppers are made using sugar and flour or gluten. On the other hand, the nonedible ones are constructed from ceramic, porcelain, resin or clay. One thing that needs to be kept in mind is that the construction takes time, sometimes weeks. You must not try to hasten the process.

The size of the topper is important as well. Since it is the top tier where the topper is placed, it needs to be ensured that the topper is in proportion to it.

All in all, wedding cake toppers provide you with the perfect opportunity to add a creative touch to your wedding. A little bit of caution is all that is required to make the best out of it.

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