This Is Why the Wedding Card Message Deserves Your Attention

wedding card message

After you’re done shopping for the perfect card for the newly wed or engaged couple, the next hurdle is coming up with what to write on the card. While there are no rules to it, writing a wedding card message is all about speaking from the heart and coming up with something personal and heartfelt. As long as the message of congratulations is earnest and positive for the couple, you’re doing great.

Why Wedding Cards Are Essential

It goes without saying that greeting cards on weddings are customary for anyone who has to send best wishes or congratulations to a newly-wed or engaged couple. Following the wedding guest traditions and etiquettes, you’ll either bring the card to the ceremony or send it to the couple through mail.

If you intend to mail the card, make sure it’s after you receive the invitation and no later than a few weeks after the marriage. However, that doesn’t mean you are confined to these limits. You can send the card anytime you want. You can also send it if the ceremony is limited and small and you’re not invited. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to wedding card wishes.

Wedding cards are available in lots of different formats. You can use the standard greeting cards available at a stationery shop or you can go with a homemade card. Small tags attached to wedding cards or simple digital wedding messages that are printed and shipped with the gifts for the couple also qualify as wedding cards. While wedding cards are important, what matters more is the wedding card message they carry.

Should You Be Using the Word “Congratulations”?

While there’s no rule against using “Congratulations” in your wedding card message, there was a time when writing or saying “Congratulations” to a newly-wed woman was thought of as a faux pas as it was considered that congratulating her on landing a man was inappropriate. However, this is very much an outdated idea, so adding congratulations to your wedding card message shouldn’t get you in any trouble. However, you may want to avoid the term altogether if the couple is from a traditional family.

Writing the Perfect Wedding Card Message

wedding card message ideas

There’s not a single wedding card wish that’s perfect for everyone. The best message on a wedding card is sentimental, sweet and tailored to the couple. Depending on whether the card is for your favorite cousin and their significant other or for your old college friend who is finally settling down, the message could be different. Before you can decide what the wedding card message should be, you need to be clear on what type of message you want to convey.

Formal Wedding Card Messages

Just because the ceremony is a formal affair with dresses and tuxedos doesn’t mean that you should send a formal wedding card. Wedding cards don’t have to perfectly match the event. However, a formal wedding card is the way to go if you want to give a nice and timeless message.

Casual Wedding Card Messages

Formal messages may not be for everyone, so if you don’t feel comfortable writing a formal one, it’s okay to be casual. Short and sweet casual messages are okay as long as you’re saying nice stuff and wishing the couple a happy future together.

Funny Wedding Card Messages

wedding card message funnyWriting a funny wedding card message can be a bit tricky even if you’re sure it’ll make the couple laugh. It’s important to be careful with marriage wishes because what may come across as funny in a conversation could be perceived in a wrong way in written form. When it comes to a wedding card message, avoid jokes that are too snarky or sarcastic.

Make sure you avoid any insulting remarks such as implying either one of the couple is the better half. Make sure you also avoid talking about the wedding taking place way too soon or late. One more thing that goes without saying is that divorce jokes in a wedding card message is a bad idea.

Religious Wedding Card Messages

This is a good option if the newly-wed couple is religious. Religious card messages can talk about God and his blessings, while you can mention your prayers or quote the scripture. Make sure that while you’re writing a religious message, it’s in alignment with the practices of the couple and the message is customized according to their religious ideas and beliefs.

A very religious message for a couple that isn’t too religious or doesn’t pray regularly can prove to be uncomfortable. Depending on the couple and the families you’re dealing with, toning down the religious elements, avoiding them altogether or using them in ample quantity can make your message pleasant and heartfelt. If you’re not clear on what the religious wedding wish should be, it’s better to just go with general greeting words instead.

Wedding Card Messages for Specific Relations

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Depending on the relation you have with the couple, the message can range from being very general to being personal. If you’re very close with the couple, going with a general greeting or message won’t do. The message in such cases should be personal and heartfelt. It should be memorable and invoke emotions in the couple.

If you’re writing a message for a sibling wedding, it all depends on the kind of relationship you enjoy with them. If the relation is strained, going with a general message may be the best idea. However, generally speaking, sibling is the relation where you know each other well, so recalling inside jokes or memorable moments together can help create a sweet and personal message for the wedding card.

In short, a wedding card message is a great way to show that you wish the best for the couple and hope they have a happily married life. It’s a small but significant way of showing your support and affection and with a little effort, it can be made perfect.

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