Wedding Exit Ideas: Enter Your New Life Beautifully

Wedding Exit Ideas

Wedding is the most important time of one’s life, and everyone makes sure that things go perfect and according to plan from start to end. In the past, grains were tossed at wedding exits to show goodwill for the couple. Even now, some weddings have guests toss rice to send the couple off.

However, if you’re dreaming to have something more unique and beautiful, Bridepanda have some brilliant wedding exit ideas to make your day. The first thing to do is to organize the wedding exit and plan everything accordingly.

Organize a Glamorous Wedding Exit

Glamorous Wedding Exit Ideas

Whether you’re the couple’s parent or the couple itself, you must plan the wedding exit so that it looks unique and creative. Usually, the wedding couple is not the host as they leave before the guests do. If you’re the host of this event, you have to make sure that everything goes perfectly from the beginning to end.

In the past, the parents of the couple were the ones hosting the event. Now, helpers can be hired or the wedding party takes care of hosting the event.

The wedding event is for the couple to enjoy and be carefree throughout the time. A wedding exit has to be announced by the host and here are some ideas to do so:

  • Take the help of the wedding event organizer or manager and announce the last song of the day. The host can say anything like, “Let’s have the last dance of the day,” or, “Let’s gather on the dance floor to have one last dance.”
  • After you have met all the relatives and hugged them, the host can announce about your departure. They can start by saying, “Now, let’s head for the wedding exit.” You can wait there with your significant other while the guests gather toward the exit.
  • Now is the time for you to run or walk through the wedding exit, and this is when you can use the creative wedding exit ideas to make it more beautiful.

Creative Wedding Exit Ideas

Grand Wedding Exit IdeasThe traditional wedding exit toss involves tossing rice or other grains to characterize fertility. However, the wedding exit toss can be organized in a much better and stylish way. Following are some brilliant wedding exit ideas:

Paper Cones

Wild flowers wrapped in paper cones will look cool as a wedding exit toss. You can gather some wild flowers and make paper cones or cones of some other materials to make an excellent toss item for the wedding exit. Bridepanda got this idea from a wedding where the couple had wrapped wild buds and flowers in music sheet papers. It looked really creative and alluring as people tossed them at the wedding exit. You can fill other items in the paper cones as well such as lavender buds. Lavender buds have a good fragrance and can serve as a good wedding exit toss if you have a more traditional style.

Confetti Poppers

Confetti poppers look really cool and are easily available too. You can get them at any supply store, and they look very colorful and fun. To have an idea, you can go through some wedding pictures where the couple is walking happily through an explosion of confetti poppers. The wedding exit scene is more colorful and vibrant with the use of confetti poppers.

Confetti are available in different shapes. You can even get the heart-shaped confetti to make the scene more romantic. Heart-shaped confetti poppers are an excellent way to show how the couple is in deep love with each other. You can also go with metallic or neutral colors, but the more colorful the poppers are, the better they look.

Rainbow Sprinkles

Creative Wedding Exit Ideas

Rainbow sprinkles offer a sweet and colorful way to make the wedding exit beautiful. Yes, Bridepanda are talking about those edible rainbow sprinkles which Bridepanda use as a topping for ice-creams and desserts. You can hand small packets of these sprinkles to the guests so that they can toss them at the wedding exit. People love colorful things as they give a feeling of happiness and liveliness and bring a smile to everyone’s faces.


It isn’t necessary that you show something at the wedding exit. A wedding exit toss is characterized by people throwing things at the wedded couple to bid farewell. However, if you want something unique, you can do anything that makes you happy instead of just tossing things at the exit.

If you like the idea of the guests making a pathway for you and your significant other as you step into your new life, a good idea is to hand the guests sparklers so that they can light the way as you move toward your transportation.

Sequins and Glitter

If you want to make the wedding exit more glamorous and sparkling, you can use sequins to sprinkle at the wedding exit. It will be a difficult task to clean the sequins sprinkled all over the floor, but it will look amazing as the guests toss them at the couple. These glittering sequins will complement the glowing bride and make the event bright and sparkling. If the bride’s dress is full of sequins and sparkling gemstones, using sequins as a wedding exit toss will serve as the cherry on top.


Wedding Exit Ideas with Birdseed

Birdseeds can replace the traditional method of throwing grains or seeds as a wedding exit toss. If you like the old concept of using grains at the wedding exit, you can use birdseeds for it. The birdseeds can be used in a unique manner by setting up a bar for the birdseeds and having the host ask the guests to throw them as you move towards your new journey. This looks adorable as the two lovebirds walk through the corridor surrounded by their family and friends.

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