The Wedding Favor Tags That Will Make You Pleased

wedding favor tags

A wedding ceremony is incomplete without guests. These are the people who come to show their support and share your happiness. With the wedding favor tags, you can ensure that they get something too which would enable them to remember the day with a smile on their face.

More often than not, the favor tags tend to get neglected, which is why they end up in trash cans the next day. To make sure that yours do not meet a similar fate and are actually appreciated, there are certain tips that you can make use of.

How to Find the Right Wedding Favor Tag

personalized wedding favor tags

Practicality Is Key

The favor tag would be appreciated if it has a meaning to it or looks good. For instance, when you head out to select a wedding favor tag, think whether it is something that you would want to keep with you for a long time. Is it something that would be worthy of serving as a decorative item or have a special memory attached to it? Asking this question would ensure that you opt for something that would be appreciated and noticed.

Monogramed Tags

It is quite natural for the bride and groom to want everything to revolve around them. However, think about it. Why would anyone keep favor tags with your initials on them? What connection would it serve for them? Therefore, tags tailored for the guests would prove to be a better option.

A better approach would be to dedicate something special to the guests via the tags which would make them appreciate the amount of thought and hard work you put into it.

Give It Some Meaning

wedding favor tags ideasSelect tags that would have some special meaning and let the guests know how much it means to you that they are a part of your special day. The tag should be such that it is capable of bringing a smile on someone’s face even years down the road. You need to ensure that the guest is able to feel the emotions behind the tag.

Personal Touch

If you want to make sure that your guests feel your love, one appealing option is to prepare the tags yourself. Of course, that would take quite a bit of your time, but it would also save a lot of money. If you are prepared for the hard work that you will need to do, you should know that this is one approach that seldom fails.

One option for you is to make some samples and try to gauge if you would be able to handle the task. Keep in mind that it would be hard work and time-consuming, so you need to be prepared for it. It would not be necessary to put together something extravagant. A simple favor tag would also do the trick as long as it is done from the heart.

Be Sure of Your Choice

Sometimes, a tag looks good on paper, but when seen in reality, it does not work out. You would not want something like this to happen with your favor tag. Therefore, you should first get some trial tags before ordering a bulk of them. This will make it certain that you do not end up with something you hate, much less something that you would not want to associate with your wedding. Don’t leave it for the last minute and give yourself time to make changes if required.

Always Order Extras

unique wedding favor tagsIt would not do you any harm if you have some tags left. However, it would indeed be terrible if you run short of them since this is the kind of mistake people would never forget. Therefore, make sure that when you order your tags, you have some backups ready. As a result, even if some get damaged or misplaced, you would not have to worry.

You might also want to keep some tags with yourself as a memory. Sometimes, even guests would request you to give them extras for various reasons. Therefore, ordering extra would always prove to be a good option.

Pay Attention to Presentation

The presentation of the tag is of importance as well. No one would be impressed if you use a simple white background paper for the tag. Instead, you need to opt for a design that would be creative and in line with the occasion.

Appearances matter and thus, you need to ensure that your tag has the perfect display which would manage to leave people impressed. Proper planning would be required for this. You need to pick out the design and the tags. Hence, adequate time and attention need to be given to the task.

Sometimes, people also make favor tags double as place cards. While this is something that you can do, you will then have to make sure that your favor tag is capable of fulfilling both roles to perfection.

Make Your Wedding Day Perfect

wedding favor tags templatesEveryone hopes that their wedding day is perfect, which people would remember for a long time to come. While there is no denying that every wedding day is special, a bit of work is required to make it all the more memorable. For this, attention needs to be paid to every minor aspect so as to make sure that nothing is missed out.


You have the opportunity to make your guests feel special with the help of wedding flavor tags. Make sure that you make the full use of this opportunity and make the best out of it. A simple gesture can make someone feel special. If you want everyone to share your happiness, this could be just the thing you need. Therefore, take a different approach and make your wedding favor tags mean something so that people would be compelled to save them.

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