These Wedding Unity Ideas Will Make You Feel Ceremonious

wedding unity ideas

Personalizing your wedding reception can be easy, but personalizing the ceremony can prove to be more difficult. Wedding ceremonies are usually rooted in tradition. Putting your own stamp on the ceremony can be tricky, but it can be done by incorporating one or more rituals symbolizing unity.

Bridepanda, gather these ideas were filled with traditional rituals such as lighting the candle or circling the groom or bride, but there are modern alternatives as well such as the tree-planting or sand ceremony. Whether you pick one of these wedding unity ideas, dream up one yourself or are somewhere in between the two, the ceremonial moment will bring more meaning to the big day.

Lighting the Wedding Unity Candle

This is the most popular ritual in weddings that symbolizes unity. It’s a Judeo-Christian tradition in which both the bride and groom hold a lit candle and use them to light a third, much larger candle. This task can also be undertaken by the parents of the couple, symbolizing the union of their families.

You can get all your guests involved as well by putting the candles on display in the entrance and asking the friends and family to light a candle and bless the couple as they enter.

Sand Ceremony

Sand Ceremony Ideas

This ceremony involves blending of the sands as both the bride and groom pour sand of different colors into a vessel. This ceremony symbolizes the coming together of a couple. This ceremony is perfectly meaningful if you’re using sand from your hometown or a favorite spot or if you’re getting married on a beach.

Circling the Groom or Bride

The bride is supposed to circle the groom at least seven times in the Jewish tradition. This is done to break down any barriers between them. However, couples these days prefer to circle around each other instead of the traditional bridge circling the groom.

Crowning ceremony

This ceremony originates from the Greek Orthodox tradition for brides and grooms to select koumbaroi. These are the attendants tasked with placing the wedding crowns on the heads of bride and groom as well as putting the rings on the fingers. The crowns are connected by a ribbon and serve as a symbol of unity of the bride and groom and their status as king and queen of the new family.

Lasso Ceremony

Wedding Lasso CeremonyThe lasso ceremony or El Lazo ceremony is celebrated in Mexican, Spanish and Filipino cultures. This unity ritual is performed by the couple after reciting their vows. An officiant or a parent drapes a floral rope or two linked rosaries across the shoulders of the couple, forming the figure eight which represents the unity of the couple. The lasso is then worn by the couple for the duration of the service and later removed and given to the couple to serve as a reminder of their commitment to one and other.

Gathering Around

This ritual is a take on the Quaker tradition and it’s perfect for smaller weddings. Guests or close relatives are invited to form a circle together with the couple. The guests may then also share their thoughts on the couple and their union. If you’re looking for a ritual that gets the entire family involved, this is a great option.

Handfasting Ceremony

The ancient practice of handfasting is of Celtic culture. The bride and groom are asked to hold up opposite hands so that their arms are making a figure eight as it represents eternity. An officiant then ties their hands together with a ribbon to symbolize their union. An heirloom fabric can also be used to make the ceremony even more meaningful.

Tying the Knot Literally

This is an old Irish tradition in which the couple ties a fisherman’s knot with a ribbon to symbolize their union and bond. It signifies a bond that becomes stronger under pressure instead of breaking. After the knot is made, the officiant may say some words regarding the union of the bride and the groom and the significance of the knot.

Planting a Tree

If you’re getting married outside or if you want to show your love for nature, you can also make a ceremony of planting a sapling together. After putting the tree in the ground, the couple may water the plant. It’s better to keep it quick and clean which is why it’s better to plant the tree almost completely before the ceremony takes place.

Planting a Tree in Wedding

Make sure some soil is reserved in two small containers so that the bride and groom can place it on top of the plant to represent the coming of two individuals together as one. The planting of a tree on the wedding day is a very meaningful ritual as over the years, the tree will become a symbol of their marriage, resilient and strong in the face of the storms of life. It’ll also serve as a reminder that just like the tree requires proper nourishment, so does their marriage.

Creating a Time Capsule

There are a lot of possibilities when it comes to creating a time capsule. You can box up several meaningful items to be opened in the future. The capsule could include letters to each other or other memorabilia of their relationship. The couple can nail the capsule shut together with the promise of opening it on the first anniversary.

Passing the Rings Around

This ritual involves all the guests attending the ceremony as the rings are tied to handkerchiefs and passed around so that every guest gets to hold the rings and bestow their blessings upon it.

These are just some of the wedding unity ideas that are popular these days. You can come up with some traditional ritual representative of your family’s culture. Customization of the traditional rituals to your liking can also be done if you have some creative ideas.

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