Wedding Yard Signs That Match the Theme

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Outdoor weddings bring a lot of opportunities for the couple to show their creativity and impress their guests. Wedding yard signs can be one such way. They are of different types and are usually used to indicate the details regarding the event such as where to sit, where is the dance floor, and what to do for the wedding exit.

Wedding yard signs can be designed creatively so that they go well with the theme of the whole event. If you want to greet and guide your wedding guests with wedding yard signs, here are some brilliant ideas according to your theme:


wedding direction sign

Chalkboards are a trend in coffee shops and bistros. These boards are placed to give a more traditional and authentic look to the whole environment. Most of these signs are used to indicate special announcements or deals available. You can also use this style at your wedding to give a beautiful and artistic look to the event.

You can design the whole wedding theme using décor and other items to match the bistro style. You can use blackboards for this purpose and use a chalk to write on them.

You can place these signs near the entrance or in the hallway to indicate anything. To make it look more creative, make a white frame on this blackboard and keep the content inside. Bistro styles for wedding yard signs will go well if you have complemented them with other items and décor used at the event. This will go well with the whole event especially if the bride and groom are dressed in black and white. Bistros represent a classical and traditional style and is an excellent way to show your creativity.


wedding welcome signOutdoor weddings look great when they are complemented by a rustic décor. You can use a wooden sign and choose a beautiful carved writing that is prominent on it. Usually, white handwritings are used on such boards so that they can be read from a distance easily.

A good idea is to use three or four slabs to indicate different things. The first slab should contain the names of the couple, the second slab can have anything such as a nice welcoming sentiment for the guests, the third slab should have the date and the last one should have a message such as “Please be seated here.” After you have chosen the design, you can decide where to place it.

The placement of such wedding yard signs depends on what it is written on them. For example, if the sign reads “Please be seated,” it should be placed outside the hallway or at the entrance of the event. If you want to indicate the lunch or dinner timings or the place for gathering, you should place it where you have arranged the dining.


If you love fairytales and want your wedding to be like a dream come true, you should choose a fairytale theme. You can plan the event like a fairytale event and decorate everything likewise. Wedding yard signs are an excellent way to add creativity and beauty to your fairytale event.

wedding yard signsThese signs give a sophisticated and creative look to the event and show your interest in the event. Wedding yard signs can be very helpful for the guests and they’ll know where they have to be seated and at what time the dinner will be served.

It is also important that you choose the right type of writing that matches your fairytale wedding yard sign. A fairytale wedding yard sign should be decorated with cursive handwriting so that it gives a more romantic and beautiful look to the area. Such signs should be placed outside the wedding yard so that the guests entering the wedding ceremony know the theme.

This type of theme is mostly the favorite of brides, so if you are one such bride, using a fairytale wedding yard sign will make your dream come true. This wedding yard sign can also be placed inside. It should have the names of the bride and groom, the date, and some beautiful words about the wedding.

Directional Wedding Signs

Directional wedding signs prove to be an excellent and handy item at a wedding ceremony, especially if it is an outdoor wedding. Outdoor weddings are planned at beaches or other spacious places and thus, it is necessary to make the guests feel easy. Some guests might get confused because of the large spaces, so using directional wedding yard signs can be very helpful in such cases.

Directional wedding signs can include directions for dinner, cocktails, guest room, reception, wedding exit, photo booth, bar, and other things. These signs can help guests get to the places where they want to go. Such wedding yard signs can be created with any material such as wood or blackboard.

Vintage Wedding Signs

Vintage wedding yard signs offer a brilliant way to express creativity. Such signs show that the wedding ceremony being held is hosted by some professional and artistic people. A unique idea to make a vintage wedding yard sign is to use hanging hardware that can read the details related to the wedding ceremony. You can also use directional wedding signs and present them in a vintage style. Two-sided directional signs can also be used to direct the guests into the hallway.


Wedding yard signs are an excellent way to help guests navigate an outdoor wedding. There are many wedding planners and event organizers that make customized wedding yard signs, and you can contact them easily. Some people also go for DIY wedding yard signs, so if you’re creative enough, you can do it too. Just make sure that the wedding yard sign is weatherproof so that the writing doesn’t get smudged due to any weather changes.

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